Justin Barnes

Justin Barnes

Justin's Strategy

Turn your big vision into a tangible reality.

Strategy starts with great vision and ends with precision execution. Justin has a deep passion for success, motivation and thoughtful leadership in all aspects of accelerating a team as well as an organization.

With over 20 years as an innovation executive, advisor and strategist accelerating companies, associations and industries, Justin brings the essential continuum of experience from hi-tech start-ups to industry-leading Fortune 5 and Global 300 corporations.

In one of his most recent ventures, Justin and his team helped Greenway Medical grow into a nationally respected power-brand, achieve over $150M in annual revenue and navigate a successful pre-and post-NYSE IPO. Greenway subsequently sold twenty months later for $644M and was the centerpiece of a $1.2B health IT and services roll-up.

Your Strategic Roadmap: Three Critical Waypoints on the Path to Success


Does your organization need help defining or refining its strategic vision? What about communicating the vision to the team and roadmapping the work needed to achieve the desired goal? Justin can help rally the troops, build buy-in and elicit the action you need to pull your organization in the right direction.


Can you benefit from tapping the experience, expertise and resources of someone who’s been there before—at the highest corporate and industry levels? From the last three presidential administrations to titans of industry, Justin has been in the strategic trenches to maximize growth and value to every organization for which he has partnered.


From Board of Directors Support and Board of Advisors Collaboration to Team Leadership and Go-to-Market Strategy Execution, Justin and his team have multiple growth and execution strategies to drive immediate value.